The Napkin Presentation for Network Marketing and MLM Businesses

Are you involved in a network marketing or MLM business? Do you need talk to people in order to tell them the advantages of your company? Do you need to build a relationship in order to enroll new marketers?

What method do you use in order to reach your prospects?

Many companies have a long presentation they have put together. This involves details about the history and development of the company. Then it moves on to the fabulous products they have and how they can help you improve your life. Sometimes they even want you to have samples of the products for them to try.

Next they have you demonstrate the marketing plan, explaining how many it takes to move forward and all the different levels. Finally, the big close, trying to convince your audience to enroll.

WAIT!!! How many people do you think want to hear all of that on their first meeting with you? Remember, you want to build a relationship, not fill their heads with so much information that the result is confusion. Remember, you want them to become interested in what you have to offer, not have their eyes glaze over from information overload.

Have you ever tried to give your presentation on a napkin? Think about it. What better place to begin relationship building than over a meal. You can be talking, mention what you are doing for business these days. Then, when the person shows a slight interest, begin by asking a couple of questions. These questions should relate to your company and its purpose. For example, if your company is selling weight loss products, then you might ask if they are interested in losing weight. How about helping others lose weight? How about asking if they are interested in money?

From there you can go into a very simple explanation of how they can do exactly those things and make some money at the same time. Show them the basics of how your product can improve their lives, a quick explanation of the matrix system your company has, and a little about how this has changed your life.

From there you may go directly to: Are you ready to get started? Or, you may need to arrange another time if the person really does want the details. Then you can give a more detailed explanation and get them started. The truth is that people have different personalities and you need to remember that. Some people are willing to take you at your word, catch you excitement, and sign right up. Other personalities want all the details so they can do their research and make what they consider to be an informed decision.

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