The Napkin Presentation for Network Marketing and MLM Businesses

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Are you involved in a network marketing or MLM business? Do you need talk to people in order to tell them the advantages of your company? Do you need to build a relationship in order to enroll new marketers?

What method do you use in order to reach your prospects?

Many companies have a long presentation they have put together. This involves details about the history and development of the company. Then it moves on to the fabulous products they have and how they can help you improve your life. Sometimes they even want you to have samples of the products for them to try.

Next they have you demonstrate the marketing plan, explaining how many it takes to move forward and all the different levels. Finally, the big close, trying to convince your audience to enroll.

WAIT!!! How many people do you think want to hear all of that on their first meeting with you? Remember, you want to build a relationship, not fill their heads with so much information that the result is confusion. Remember, you want them to become interested in what you have to offer, not have their eyes glaze over from information overload.

Have you ever tried to give your presentation on a napkin? Think about it. What better place to begin relationship building than over a meal. You can be talking, mention what you are doing for business these days. Then, when the person shows a slight interest, begin by asking a couple of questions. These questions should relate to your company and its purpose. For example, if your company is selling weight loss products, then you might ask if they are interested in losing weight. How about helping others lose weight? How about asking if they are interested in money?

From there you can go into a very simple explanation of how they can do exactly those things and make some money at the same time. Show them the basics of how your product can improve their lives, a quick explanation of the matrix system your company has, and a little about how this has changed your life.

From there you may go directly to: Are you ready to get started? Or, you may need to arrange another time if the person really does want the details. Then you can give a more detailed explanation and get them started. The truth is that people have different personalities and you need to remember that. Some people are willing to take you at your word, catch you excitement, and sign right up. Other personalities want all the details so they can do their research and make what they consider to be an informed decision.

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Looking Beyond Your Present Occupation to One More Fitting for You

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There are many new occupations available to workers now. Some governments offer free or very reasonable education if you are not earning what you need. More and more of us, the workers, are looking for new ways in which to increase our income.

Should you wish to change from your present job you need to make some interesting decisions. If your job is far too difficult for you physically you need to consider a job that does not have the physical requirements that are in your present occupation. If you find the job boring, then you need to decide what sort of job would be more interesting for you. If you wish to be able to feel as if you have accomplished more in your work day, you may find that a part-time course would give you what you need..

There are many schools who present their lessons on the internet. For many of the new jobs that are appearing, you would find education necessary. This certainly would be one option.

The internet contains a rich field of work opportunities within its search engines. As you study what is available consider whether there is an occupation that you really would like in your life. If there is a preferred job, then you need to search out occupations in that area of life

Making a good list of what you see as your unused capabilities at this time would be productive. When we enjoy our occupation our stress level decreases so that we feel and work much better. Should some of your unused talents or abilities fit into your dream job, then you are ahead of most who are seeking a different job.

There are also a lot of part-time business or work opportunities out there. Sometimes when we calculate our work costs and compare what it would cost us for fewer days, we would be financially better off with fewer days of work. This is a rather amazing fact that I discovered when the machines were broken for a day in the factory in which I was employed.

You know that when your mind is challenged, you are a much better worker. Choose something with a potential for growth in the future. If possible a job that had the potential to change as you learn would be great.

Begin to dream huge now. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Draw or cut out a picture of what you would like most int the material world and pin it on a bulletin board. Enlarge your former ideas of prosperity.

Some steps will be small, some large and some huge. Your future can be the best part of your life that you have ever had. Stand tall and look ahead.

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PowerPoint With Punch: Do You Know It When You See It? Four Rules to Enhance Your Presentation

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Quality is intentional not accidental

All of us want to create and present great PowerPoint shows, but how do we know if we have achieved our goal? In trying to define quality in PowerPoint we are tempted to echo the famous 1964 statement of Justice Potter Stewart regarding what constitutes obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” A substantial degree of subjectivity persists in any attempt to be definitive, yet we can all agree on a few essentials: your slides must be readable, clear, and memorable for PowerPoint to be effective.

In keeping with these essential principles, here are four rules to follow to improve the quality of your PowerPoint.

1. Remember less is more

One of the most common mistakes people make in designing their own PowerPoints is trying to get too much information on a single slide. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if your presentation consisted of a written-out script, consider each paragraph of that script to be a separate slide. Then, summarize that paragraph into three or four lines, omitting all of the articles (“a” or “the”) and as many forms as possible of the verb “to be.”

For example, let’s say the summary statement of a paragraph of your script is: “Unexpected noise is a distraction–please turn off the cell phones you brought or set them on the silent mode now.” Your slide might read: “Avoid distractions. Please mute your phone now.” The text on your slide serves to remind you of what you are going to say; it is not your word-for-word script. If you have ever seen and heard a presenter read word for word from a PowerPoint, you know how boring it inevitably becomes.

2. Back away from the edge

PowerPoint slides are designed to contain color and graphics all the way to the edge, but because the various presentation vehicles–monitors, flatscreens, projections–contain a degree of variability around the edges, avoid allowing the text on your slide or any essential part of your graphics to get close to the edge. You may find when you are trying to present that it gets cut off. In fact, back away from all of the edges–top, bottom, right, and left–by at least an inch. This will ensure your resulting slide is less susceptible to embarrassing cut-offs.

3. Apply the rule of thirds

Photographers and artists scrupulously avoid putting their subjects into the exact center of the field because they realize how static and boring formalized symmetry can be. Instead, they draw imaginary “tic-tac-toe” lines, dividing the horizontal and vertical space into thirds. They then place the focal points on one or more of the crosshairs. This makes the composition more naturally dynamic. Take a look at the 1945 Pulitzer-Prize-winning photograph by Joe Rosenthal, “Old Glory Goes Up on Mt. Suribachi [Iwo Jima],” for example. The focal points are the flag (upper-left crosshair) and the marines raising it (lower-right crosshair), creating a diagonal that runs along the flagpole through the center of the photo. If you are consciously targeting the four strategic potential focal points (where the lines of your “tic-tac-toe” cross, you automatically ratchet up the punch-impact of your slide.

4. Point to the center

Do what you can to draw the viewer’s eye toward the center of the slide. You can do this by paying attention to where the graphics point. If they are pointing away from the center, either move them to the other side of the slide or flip them so that they now point toward the center. If your graphic has motion (such as a baseball in flight or a moving automobile), allow more space in front of the motion than behind. If your graphic includes a human figure, place the graphic so that the human is looking at, turning toward, or pointing at the most important text on your slide.

Observe the difference!

If you apply these four rules carefully and consistently, you will discern a marked improvement in your PowerPoint presentations. Each slide will be simple and direct. None of what is essential will be cut off. It will be well composed in the field, with graphics that move the eye toward the center of the slide. The graphics will lead the eye toward the text, not away from it. All of these elements will support the presentation and greatly enhance the effectiveness of your communication.

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Presentation Folders Are Designed to Perfection

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We know printing products are designed to perfection. Some of them are designed to such level of perfection and artistic appeal that they can be called the masterpieces. These are the products which come into direct contact with the customers. On the other hand, certain products, whose basic function is not marketing, can also have this level of perfection in designs. This is exactly what happens to the custom presentation folder.

If the design is new and fresh, it would look good and would create a good impression. Many customers are attracted towards the products which are designed in attractive and outstanding manner. This is a human weakness to look for more beautiful and perfect item. We also give preference to one certain presentation folder design over another based on our own choices. Our preferences may be affected by many things.

The quality of the designs is not limited to the product mentioned earlier. High quality designs are utilized for various other products in this line. This way they have a better chance of success as well. For example, the file folder is a simple item that manages documents in style but it sure can utilize better designs to improve its outlook and invoke the interest of its users. This is also true of the cheap pocket folder which is good for various business activities. It has special pockets on the inside of its covers to protect documents properly.

The quality of the designs is very important but the price factor is also important as many companies do not like to spend too much on stationery items. This is why the printing companies offer cheap presentation folders which provide a balance in the utility and price factors.

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Getting Rid of Anxiety: Living in the Present

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I used to be a person who worried about imaginary events in the future, and I let my imagination play havoc with me. My worries and my anxiety would not let me focus on whatever I was doing.

Furthermore, I was aware that I was being controlled by my worries and that upset me even more – I would put myself down and say to myself, “What sort of person am I that I’m letting myself be controlled by my imagination?”

Fortunately, I came across some readings that allowed me to see the light. I learnt a few techniques that put me in control of myself straight away. I observed that getting rid of anxiety and worries was not such a difficult task after all.

I am sharing today this powerful technique with you. It is the “This Is Me Doing This” positive technique: getting back to the present (and only the present).

A distracted mind is a field where concerns and worries grow easily. Paying attention to what you are doing is key to live a happy and fulfilling life. Having a positive attitude naturally follows.

Decide to get back to the present. For example, if you are washing dishes, start by saying to yourself “this is me washing dishes”. Repeat it calmly, focusing on the very act of washing dishes. Name that which you are doing.

As you repeat to yourself “this is me doing (whatever)”, you start feeling relaxed. Other matters loose importance; you’re giving orders to your mind to actively focus on what you are doing, and only that.

When you move on to the next task, keep on telling yourself what you are doing. “This is me walking upstairs”, “this is me feeding the cat”, etc. Feel how more and more calm comes to you as you keep on repeating “this is me doing (whatever)”.

After a few minutes of keeping focused and repeating to yourself what you are doing, you will probably experience a feeling of well-being. All stresses and worries may seem past or worthless. Keep focused.

Talk to yourself positively in between telling yourself what you are doing. Say “this is me brushing my teeth” (for instance), followed by “I am calm and I am enjoying the present”, “this is me brushing my teeth”, “I feel good and relaxed”.

The benefits of this technique are powerful and almost immediate. It allows you to focus on this present rather than letting your mind play with hypothetical events. It shuts all unnecessary worries and anxieties.

When practised regularly, this technique gives you the chance of being more aware of who you are, where you are, and what you are doing. The very first step to choose the life you want!

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Giving Great Speaking Presentations

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If you’re looking for a new way to promote your business and yourself then something to consider is to become a speaker at conferences. There are plenty of online conferences and conference calls going on that people would be happy to have you come on

But being a guest speaker means you’d need to be well prepared. You need to have all your things ‘together’ to make a good impression. Unfortunately, things can happen and work against us. Getting help is one of the most sure ways to increase your chance of giving a presentation that runs without a glitch..

There are many virtual assistants (VA’s) who can assist you in your pre-conference, during conference and even post-conference needs. Here are some ways they can ease your mind so you can concentrate on giving the best presentation.


Get the help of an assistant to take down questions. Questions can cause you to be distracted if you are trying to read and sort through them as you are in your Q&A session, it can get confusing quickly. Your assistant will be there to make sure things stay organized, you don’t answer duplicate questions and get as many answered as possible


On every call, there’s bound to be at least one person who has misplaced the information to the call, can’t call in due to a technicality, last minute modifications that people need to be informed about.

Follow Up

It’s always a good idea to remind people your call starts soon. This helps your attendance rate. What’s also important is the post-conference follow up. Sometimes people may not be able to get their question in or are just shy. Post-conference contact is a great time to follow up and answer any further questions people might have. Or, just send a simple thank you. People will consider you to be very considerate and it is something that your assistant can help you with.

Presentation Materials

In order to have a smooth presentation, you need to be able to find your materials. An assistant, can help you keep organized and find the right slide or web site when you need to refer to it. She can also help you do quick research during your presentation for example, you mention a resource you can’t remember the web site to, or a particular statistic.

Get You More Speaking Engagements

An assistant can help you set up more speaking engagements. If you solicit these yourself, she can be the contact person to work out the details. But she can also sell you as a speaker by contacting people on your behalf.

There is so much a good assistant can do to help you prepare for your presentation at all stages and this will ease your stress. The more relaxed you are about the whole process the better you will present yourself and your business. The next time you will be speaking at a virtual conference or even a live conference, find an assistant who can help you with the details.

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Presentation Skill Mistakes

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Last week my husband and I attended an awesome 4 day work conference! I decided
to sit in on both days of business presentations hoping there would be a nugget or
two I could share with you.

Presenting to an audience of 100 to 300 top producers were executives of a large
company. While overall the presentations were good, three pet peeves of mine
were running wild at times. I bring them to your attention in hopes that you won’t
hold your audiences of any size, whether 3 or 3,000, hostage to these presentation
blunders, my top pet peeves.

First – annoying fillers like “um,” “uh,” or even phrases like “you know.” If you
previously downloaded and read my Top 52 Presentation Tips, this is one of the
plagues affecting many of us who present ideas or products in any setting! Using
fillers is one certain way to bore your audience and set people to doodling on any
piece of paper in front of them or staring blankly into the air. Start to assess your
use of fillers and if you find them in your speech – begin to put a silent pause in
their place. With enough practice, you’ll eliminate them altogether!

Second – read off bullet points directly from the slides! As children we huddle
around our teacher as he or she holds up the book being read so we can see the
pictures and the words. As children we are learning! As adults, a speaker’s slide
presentation supports and can guide them through their presentation. When I listen
to a speaker I want to hear their mind, their heart and their style. I can read points
on a slide on my own so please, don’t be like a child’s teacher; be someone who
adds value, life and personality to your presentation.

Third – spending long lengths looking at one part of the audience. Have you ever
noticed how some speakers limit the movement of their head and eyes? How
sometimes speakers avoid eye contact or attention with where you are sitting? It’s
annoying and insulting.

To stay out of trouble with audience blunders: don’t annoy and don’t insult.

Copyright© Patricia Weber,

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Add Impact to Your Presentation Skills

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A memorable speaker is someone who stands out. Their remarks carry weight and substance long after the meeting is over. Want to learn to add impact to your next presentation? Then work on incorporating the following three tips into your upcoming presentations. These are strategies that expert speakers use to add impact by: 1. Drawing Upon Imagery, 2. Conveying Facts With Clarity, 3. Inserting Examples Into Remarks. Let’s work through each of these techniques to see how they will highlight your remarks for more compelling commentary!

1. Drawing Upon Imagery

Images are powerful devices that are often used by speakers to add impact to their words. Since imagery engages the right side of the brain, a presentation filled with vivid imagery is much more likely to stay with the audience long after the speech is over. You may have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”; in the case of public speaking it is true. The audience is much more likely to retain a mental picture if you can craft images as you speak. You might try to create an analogy in your remarks by likening the subject of discussion with something the audience already knows. For example, a computer consultant once likened the speed and bandwidth of a new computer system to a super-wide, super-fast mega-highway that could quickly and easily transport many cars from point A to B. Just the like the highway, the new computer system would transport data quickly and efficiently for the organization!

2. Conveying Facts With Clarity

Another strategy to add impact is to help listeners relate to your comments by including facts and figures. Even better is to then add more clarity to the factual statement by relating the statistic to something that is familiar to the audience. For example, a speaker on cancer might talk about the high percentage of cases of skin cancer in the population who are aged 60 and over. Step One is to quote a statistic such as stating that 67% of all people over the age of 60 are at risk for skin cancer. Step Two is to make that statistic more relevant by saying “next time you are at a family dinner look around the room and imagine that two out of three people at the table are stricken with the illness, and only one out of three is free of cancer”. That’s what the statistic really means. Or here is another example; cutting the grass burns about 450 calories – that’s the same as playing racquetball for an hour.

3. Inserting Examples Into Remarks

Another easy technique to help listeners bite their teeth into your presentation is to continually drop examples into your commentary. Of course the examples must be relevant and on topic to really be effective. They can be personal stories or impersonal examples of other people or situations that fit with your topic. One additional strategy is to insert an example early on in your remarks then draw upon it many times as you add new information in your presentation. A case in point would be for a speaker on historic architecture to provide examples of period buildings in the local area, then refer to them again as the talk moves on to key elements of architecture such as columns, terraces and steps. In this situation photographs of the buildings being discussed as examples would add even greater visual impact!

In summary, the wise speaker knows that to keep the audience focused and engaged it is imperative to add impact via specialized presentation techniques. You can add impact to your presentation and public speaking skills by honing your ability to draw upon imagery, convey facts with clarity, and insert examples into verbal remarks. For more information about how to master these presentation skills or about registering for presentation skills training please visit our website at

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The 21st Birthday Presents

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If there is any function of more fun and excitement? Then it is none other than the birthday party celebration. Birthdays are the most joyful occasions where you will enjoy the most memorable moments of your life with your family members, friends and your close ones. Mostly birthday functions are celebrated with an exotic delicacies, nice decors, sizzling cocktails, fun loving games, and so on. However, the most excellent part of the birthday party is the gifts exchanging. When the 21st birthday celebration comes, there are more gifts to go for. Among several birthday celebrations, every person will like to welcome his 21st birthday with a huge bang. This is due to the reason that it is the special day when a person becomes an adult. Not only they get the right to vote and drive, but also they become responsible adults.

Among various 21st birthday presents, the most popular presents are presenting them some personalized items. If your friend likes jewelry means you can present her some jewelry items such as pendents, bracelets, etc. When your friend opens the birthday present she will be amazed with your choice. Another most famous birthday present is the clothes. Along with the clothes you can also present her some designer handbag. You can also surprise your friend with some creative gifts such as flowers bouquet, Duct Tape Flowers, Hangover Recovery Kit and big Steel Man Flask.

The margarita flowers bouquet is the most excellent creative birthday present for 21st birthday parties. This bouquet is made in margarita shaped glass and it is filled with the yellow roses and has a false lime margarita filling. This birthday gifts make their birthday moment last forever. The remote controlled car is another creative birthday gifts that works on batteries. If you are looking for the long lasting birthday gifts then the duct tape flowers is the right one for you. They are available in different colors such as red, yellow, silver, pink, white, and blue. They are always packed with the tissue, ribbon and they are wrapped with the cello as like real roses. This gift is perfect for male as well as for female. Among the various birthday gifts, photo frames or albums are the enigmatic ones. It is undoubtedly a very special type of birthday gifts that helps to remember some sweet memories. Never forget to consider a wonderful 21st birthday album and photo frame in order to memorialize all of the enjoyment in.

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Network Marketing Presentation

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As network marketers, we often have important information to impart and our role in doing so is a major one. Many, many times I have had the pleasure of having people approach me to say how hearing me speak literally changed their lives due to the powerful message and the persuasiveness of the delivery. Most people in MLM are not trained presenters or salespersons but there are a few steps everyone can take to make sure their message has the best possible chance of being well received. Here are my top tips:

1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Not every pitch will work for everyone so before you go to present the products or the business, whether it’s to just one person or to many, do a little research to ensure you’re presenting at the appropriate level. If your presentation is too lightweight, you’ll bore them; too in depth, you’ll confuse them. Either way, they will switch off and your vital words will fall on deaf ears.

2. WIIFM: Yes, that old chestnut, but it’s worth repeating as it’s so often forgotten. Bearing in mind tip no. 1, what are the challenges faced by this person or this group of people? How does your business opportunity or your product solve their problems? Focus on answering these questions rather than trotting out the mechanics of your offering. Your audience must feel you’ve prepared your presentation specially for them, even if it’s essentially the same one you’re giving all the time.

3. CONTINUALLY LEARN AND PRACTICE PRESENTING: One of the most important skills any network marketer can hone is that of becoming an accomplished speaker. It impacts so many other areas of your life as it massively increases your self-confidence. The more professionally you can deliver your message, the more readily it will be received, the more lives you will touch and the more money you will make in your business. Learning to present well is an investment in yourself and can give you the greatest return on the capital you’ve invested.

4. HANDLE DISSENTERS WELL: One of the major fears I hear from network marketers is that of being faced with doubting prospects or those who dispute what they’re being told. Unfortunately, the tendency is to dig in and fight your corner but this can turn the discussion into an argument and work against you, especially if you’re giving a presentation in front of a group. When you’re faced with negativity, always start your answer with “That’s a very good question…” and continue with your viewpoint. Wherever possible, turn things around to make your audience right. Download a free “one-sheet crib sheet” on this important subject at

5. SHOW, DON’T TELL: Show the products you’re talking about. Let people feel, smell and see for themselves instead of just hearing what they are like. If you’re making a presentation about the business opportunity, remember that your company has probably done a lot to make things easier for you. Make sure you get the prospecting materials they offer, show the pictures of the top distributors, talk about them as if they are real people .

6. LET YOUR GUARD DOWN: People buy from those they know, like and trust. How can they do any of this if you won’t let them get to know the real you. You don’t have to be perfect, you can talk about your own challenges, beliefs, family, hopes and dreams. Doing so gives your prospects more opportunity to identify with you so you can use the similarities to build rapport.

7. STORIES INSTEAD OF FACTS: When we get excited about our products, we often delve into the features of the products, what works and why. This is all very exciting once you’ve had your first wonderful product experience, but it doesn’t make for a very exciting lead-in to your presentation. People want to know about results. They want the bottom line. There’s plenty of time to get to the detail later but to start this way could send most of your prospects to sleep (apart from the professors in the audience, of course). The best way to illustrate what your products or business opportunity can do is through telling stories. Use your own story or a case study of someone you know. Use emotive words. Remember, not just the facts, the feelings too.

8. MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: When people laugh they feel more relaxed and amenable. Every situation has a humorous side and if you’re telling a tragic story your prospects will welcome the respite that comes with a moment of levity. The golden rule is to move people: make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, then they buy. This is something I aim to do in every presentation because it means I’ve moved my audience emotionally. I appreciate this is an advanced technique, but if you learn how to do it, you’ll increase your success rate exponentially.

9. DON’T TELL – ASK: Instead of telling your prospects everything, get them answering questions. Rather than saying “Did you know that only 1% of people retire financially free?”, ask them “What percentage of people do you think retire financially free?”. This gets your prospects involved and if you word your questions correctly, you’re coaching them to the purchase decision rather than having to push them into buying. This is a technique I teach that I’ve perfected over the years. It works great for network marketers and women and I call it “pull selling”.

10. GIVE A REASON TO ACT NOW: Again, not being salespersons, many network marketers give a great presentation and then wimp out without asking for the order. Your prospect’s motivation will never be higher than it is at that moment so make sure you use this to your advantage. Think of reasons why they should place their order today. Some possible reasons might be because you are offering a special bonus OR prices are about to increase OR there’s an order deadline coming up so they’ll get their goods sooner OR you’re placing an order too so they’ll save on the postage OR you’re offering a discount on orders placed today OR you’re seeing someone else who could become a distributor and will go beneath them. Whatever it is, tell them, and secure the sale.

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