Little Tikes Car – A Perfect Present For Your Little Tike!

It is often difficult to find the right present for kids at birthdays and especially Christmas. It is an ironic fact, that anyone with young kids will be aware of, that, generally, expensive toys are not played with as much as cheaper, seemingly inferior toys.

Why is this? It may have something to do with the fact that when adults choose gifts they often choose something that they think that they may have liked to play with when they were a child, rather than something that will genuinely excite a young child in the present.

From this point of view then it is important to do your research and establish exactly what goes down well with other kids – this will give you an excellent guide as to what you might want to buy for your little tike! You can do this quite easily online these days.

Little Tikes cars are a long-standing favorite of both kids and their parents. The cars themselves are made from brightly colored, durable plastic and can withstand all the punishment that a young child can subject it to. The cars are highly detailed and come with working doors and even an imitation ignition key!

Kids ‘drive’ the cars by sitting on the plastic bench inside and then pulling themselves along with their feet and legs – the bottom of the car is open and the so the car is said to be kid-powered! Not only will your child get to play in a car all day, but they will get plenty of exercise into the bargain!

The Little Tikes company have been making long-lasting children’s toys since 1969 and the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has sold over six million units, had a 30th anniversary and been named, half-jokingly, as America’s best-selling car! They obviously know something about what small kids want and like! As well as toy cars, the company also offers the Little Tikes Playhouse, a racing car bed and the Little Tikes Kitchen in their range of toys.

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