How Usage trends and feature adoption can boost your business

Fibotalk not only give a ridiculously easy solution for usage trend but also give the more advanced capability to track feature adoption in your application.

All these features can be accessed very easily and require barely 5-10 minutes of setup or configuration. Let’s go through them one by one.

User trend
Usage trend is a feature that Fibotalk provides you by default for your application given that you have added the anchor code in your application and have added the login and signup tracking events. Check out how to add anchor code in your application.

Signup and login trend charts in dashboard
Fibotalk tracks the login and signup events in your application and automatically provides you a detailed usage trend in representation that is highly configurable and can be grouped on plenty of parameters like browser, country, devices, etc.

Login trend grouped by platform

Feature adoption
Fibotalk bring more power and depth in it’s analysis capabilities by providing adoption trend of desired features, it’s an extremely rare capability that can be found in any other analytics product.

Feature is basically a collection of events when performed fully, the feature is considered as utilized or used. A feature is defined as a blueprint in Fibotalk application.

Heatmap chart of feature adoption
Feature adoption trends are available as son as you finish defining your feature blueprint. Fibotalk not only provides trends and information of users who have fully utilized the feature, but also for users who have partially and haven’t utilized the feature.

Feature blueprint definition
Apart from usage, a variety of vital information about the feature is also available to get a better understanding of the feature usage like user % distribution and user friction through each step of the feature.

Blueprint dashboard
When all these analytics parameters and trend generation capabilities are combined together it give a very powerful and highly flexible analytics platform and that’s where Fibotalk comes in handy.

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