Giving Great Speaking Presentations

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your business and yourself then something to consider is to become a speaker at conferences. There are plenty of online conferences and conference calls going on that people would be happy to have you come on

But being a guest speaker means you’d need to be well prepared. You need to have all your things ‘together’ to make a good impression. Unfortunately, things can happen and work against us. Getting help is one of the most sure ways to increase your chance of giving a presentation that runs without a glitch..

There are many virtual assistants (VA’s) who can assist you in your pre-conference, during conference and even post-conference needs. Here are some ways they can ease your mind so you can concentrate on giving the best presentation.


Get the help of an assistant to take down questions. Questions can cause you to be distracted if you are trying to read and sort through them as you are in your Q&A session, it can get confusing quickly. Your assistant will be there to make sure things stay organized, you don’t answer duplicate questions and get as many answered as possible


On every call, there’s bound to be at least one person who has misplaced the information to the call, can’t call in due to a technicality, last minute modifications that people need to be informed about.

Follow Up

It’s always a good idea to remind people your call starts soon. This helps your attendance rate. What’s also important is the post-conference follow up. Sometimes people may not be able to get their question in or are just shy. Post-conference contact is a great time to follow up and answer any further questions people might have. Or, just send a simple thank you. People will consider you to be very considerate and it is something that your assistant can help you with.

Presentation Materials

In order to have a smooth presentation, you need to be able to find your materials. An assistant, can help you keep organized and find the right slide or web site when you need to refer to it. She can also help you do quick research during your presentation for example, you mention a resource you can’t remember the web site to, or a particular statistic.

Get You More Speaking Engagements

An assistant can help you set up more speaking engagements. If you solicit these yourself, she can be the contact person to work out the details. But she can also sell you as a speaker by contacting people on your behalf.

There is so much a good assistant can do to help you prepare for your presentation at all stages and this will ease your stress. The more relaxed you are about the whole process the better you will present yourself and your business. The next time you will be speaking at a virtual conference or even a live conference, find an assistant who can help you with the details.

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