Creative Ways to Present Holiday Gifts

Picking out a great holiday gift is the first step, but how you wrap it or present it will really help to make your gift extra special. There are so many fun ways to conceal a gift to make it a great surprise to open, and many of them go beyond the standard box and bow. Get inspired with these creative ways to present holiday gifts.

A gift within a gift is always a memorable presentation. The recipient opens the outer gift, thinking that is pretty great, only to realize – wait, there is another treat within the first present! It is especially fun when the outer gift can give a subtle hint to the main present tucked within. For instance, if you are giving your wife a trip to Hawaii for Christmas, tuck the tickets inside a new monogrammed piece of luggage. Or give your husband a membership to a golf club tucked into a new golf bag or even a small related item like a new pair of gloves to wear on the driving range. Perhaps you found a great holiday gift in Raleigh for your sister who loves pearls – slip a pretty pair of earrings inside a personalized travel jewelry roll. The gift-within-a-gift never fails to delight!

Gifts which have to be found are also a lot of fun. As they say, good things come in small packages, and this goes double for tiny things like jewelry! While it is always exciting to find a tiny box with a big bow under the tree on Christmas morning, it is even more fun to hide the jewelry inside a pretty ornament and hang it on the tree. After all of the packages have been opened, utter the words every woman loves to hear…”I think there is one more gift here”. The surprise of finding her present within an ornament will make the gorgeous jewelry even more fantastic. It will definitely be a holiday gift she will always remember receiving.

Pretty packaging is a great way to dress up a gift box. Think beyond the basic wrapping paper and bow formula for something a little more creative. Wrap up the pretty holiday gift you found for your mom in Raleigh in a beautiful scarf instead of paper. Wine bags work very well to make odd-shaped presents look neat and pretty, like a great little sculpture picked up in an art museum gift shop in New York. You can also attach special baubles or decorations to packages to make them extra exciting. Tie a holiday ornament to a box to make it extra festive or raid the silk floral department at your local craft store for sprigs of faux holly, silk poinsettias, or sparkly berry sprays. The great part is that these little extra details can cost very little, but really make a great impression.

It can also be fun to give your gift in a place that will make it even more special. If you surprise someone with their holiday present while you are also having a wonderful time in a favorite place, it adds to the whole experience. So take your girlfriend to dinner in her favorite little bistro and whip out her present while sipping wine, instead of just doing it at her house sitting in front of the t.v. Or give your guy season tickets to his favorite college basketball team while attending a game. A great presentation will definitely show thoughtfulness on the part of the donor, which makes any gift more special to receive.

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